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London’s premier provider of home care support services
Welcome to Harley Street Care
Inspired by the need for first class care in familiar surroundings, Harley Street Care was founded with the support of leading private consultants in central London. Now a well-established agency, we service the greater London area, providing bespoke nursing and carer support to families who expect the best in home assistance for their loved ones.

Covering a wide spectrum of care needs, from ongoing or live-in support for older people to short-term supervised care for home detoxification and eating disorders, Harley Street Care employs a dedicated team with an enviable breadth of expertise. All our nurses and carers are fully qualified and accredited and we leave no stone unturned in background checks. But more than that, we ensure that everyone who works with Harley Street Care agency really does love the work they do, and is able to engage fully with your loved one.

Here at Harley Street Care we consider it imperative that every client is treated with the utmost respect and compassion. Regular reviews with expert staff ensure we’re always providing you with the best care possible. Right from the outset we take the time to find out all about your needs and preferences.

Upon contact, we will arrange for a highly experienced senior nurse to come to visit you at home and speak in depth about what you feel you require. Tell us about your schedule, your daily life and your goals for support. With the information you provide, we’ll work with you to carefully tailor a support plan to fit you perfectly.

The right care support can make a whole family happier. Here at Harley Street Care, your life, best lived, is our priority. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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